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July 2016 - Highly Recommend
As a college student we tend to stray and commit mistakes thinking its cool, well it’s not cool. I had to come to George McCranie with a very tough situation in where my future could have been badly hurt. I hired George McCranie due to the knowledge he and his staff had over this situation. The staffs were great and answered all my questions and were very polite to me. George McCranie had my case reduced, which is great because it won't affect my future as I continue my education. I would recommend George for any legal advise!! - Justin

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Our aim is not only to defend our clients, but to also educate the public. This section of our site will help you learn more about different criminal charges. Also, you can find associated video links and reports about each of these different topics. So go ahead, click on one that you are interested in and Get Educated!

Attorney – George F. McCranie IV

George McCranie has gained fame throughout Georgia for his success as a DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney and as a two-time #1 Best-Selling Author. George works tirelessly to educate the public on DUI & Criminal Defense issues by answering on-line questions, by posting free reports, and creating and posting educational videos on his website. George has also designed an educational DUI “App” for smartphones which can be downloaded for free from his website: www.mccranielawfirm.com . The DUI app has extra features that can notify friends and family of an arrest and allow a person to contact a local taxi company, in addition to a Blood Alcohol Calculator (BAC).

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